For almost twenty years, SDM has been one of the leading professional malpractice defense firms in Texas. The firm has handled a wide range of professional malpractice defense cases, including the defense of lawyers, physicians, health care facilities, mental health professionals, and engineering firms.

Our legal malpractice experience ranges from representing small-town solo practitioners who are defendants in wrongful foreclosure actions to representing many of Texas’ largest law firms in complex legal malpractice cases. During the savings and loan crisis, we were the leading Texas firm defending law firms, directors, and officers sued by the FDIC or RTC. The cases we handled established some of the most important legal precedents concerning lawyer, director and officer liability to government regulators.

Our medical malpractice experience includes every kind of health care specialist and a wide range of health care facilities. In addition to legal and medical malpractice defense, we have defended a wide variety of other professionals, including engineers and accountants.